Getting to know us...

So here we are...the BIO, the big reveal, the chance to peek behind the curtain. 

There's not much to see.

We are a band. We used to be in other bands.

Now we are in this band.

There is no mystery...

Although, we do have a little bit of the old alchemy thing going on. 

We start with nothing concrete, just a collection of people in a room, and through a strange process, end up with something.

We hope you like our somethings.

We do.

But we also have enough life experience to grasp the whole 'diversity of opinion' thing. 

If it turns out you do like our somethings, know that you've made us happy. And that we are cooking up some more.

But you'll need to be patient because we are working with the slow-burning sort of alchemy, not the 'new song a week' supercharged stuff.

So check back occasionally and we'll try not to disappoint. 

Stay calm and carry on...

We are an open book.